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fr 20th ed 6th ed


1. National Bank Notes, 6th Edition (Kelly) $75

2. (Friedberg) Paper Money of the United States 20th Edition (2013) NOW AVAILABLE

Friedberg Softbound (List $42.50) $33

Friedberg Hardbound (List $67.50) $45

3. Piggy Back Special: Kelly (Spiralbound) + Friedberg (Softbound) $95

4. Piggy Back Special: Kelly (Spiralbound) + Friedberg (Hardbound) $105

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Added September 20, 2014

NEW Large Size Notes

1918 $1000 FRN Philadelphia. F1133. Burke-Glass. PMG Very Fine 20 Net. The net grade for some forgivable shortcomings. Rejoice! Here's your shot at the "Other Green Eagle" $27,500

1923 $10 "Poker Chip". Speelman-White. F123. PMG Very Fine 30. This is a rare note. Most of the survivors were saved as uncirculated "left overs" when we switched to small-size notes in 1929. $4250

1886 $5 Silver Dollar Back F261. Rosecrans-Hyatt. PMG Very Fine 25, Net. The "Net" is for a tiny closed split at the top of the centerfold. Will work for many.... $2850

1896 $5 Educational. Tillman-Morgan. F268. PMG Very Fine 25. Every bit of that. Perfect if you don't have 25 grand for a Gem. $3950

1899 $1 Black Eagle F232 Parker-Burke. Fair. Kinda ugly, but dirt cheap. $25

1917 $1 F37 Elliott-Burke. Very Good or better. $60

1917 $1 F39 Speelman-White Very Good - Fine, solid note. $60

1917 $1 F39 Speelman-White Very Good, small punch hole in "E" of STATES. $35

1917 $1 F37 Elliott-Burke Very Good. $45

1917 $1 F37 Elliott-Burke Good - Very Good. Small problems, looks OK. $40

1918 $1 CLEVELAND. Teehee-Burke/Baxter-Fancher. F718. Good - Very Good. $45

1914 $5 Blue Seal F859C CLEVELAND. Very Fine, the "close" seal variety. $80

1914 $10 Blue Seal F927A. ATLANTA. White-Mellon. Good - Very Good. $45

1923 $1 Woods-White. F237. Very Fine. $36

1923 $1 Speelman-White. F237. Very Fine. $37

1923 $1 Speelman-White. F237. Very Fine. $38

1923 $1 Speelman-White. F237. Very Fine plus. $40

1923 $1 Speelman-White. F237. Extremely Fine, looks new from the face. $60

NEW Small Size Notes

$2 1928B Woods-Mills. F1503. Extremely Fine - About Uncirculated. $475

$2 1928F F1507. Julian-Snyder. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64EPQ. You'll like it! $90

$5 1953A F1533. Priest-Anderson. PMG Gem Uncirculated 65EPQ. $100

$2 1963A F1514. Granahan-Fowler Extremely Fine **STAR***. Worth more! $25

$5 1934 Hawaii Overprint F2301. Mule. BP 1391. PMG Choice About Uncirculated 58EPQ. $550

$100 1966 F1550 Granahan-Fowler. PCGS Very Choice New 64PPQ. $575

$1 1993. Withrow-Bentsen. Complete district set of 5 **STAR** notes. Gem Uncirculated. $250

$1 1993 Philadelphia **STAR** (DC Facility). Withrow-Bentsen. F1918C. The key star. Gem Uncirculated. $195

$10 1934A HAWAII F2303. PCGS Choice About New 53PPQ. Faint centerfold visible from the back. $350

$2 1928F F1507. Julian-Snyder. PMG Gem Uncirculated 66 EPQ, super! $275

$5 1928A. Chicago. Woods-Mellon. F1951G. About Uncirculated, quality numeral note. $150

NEW National Bank Notes

Ch 3234 $5 1902 Date Back. The MILFORD NB. Very Fine, with signatures of Cashier F L Cook and President Geo H Eveland. $450

NEW Obsolete Notes

APPLETON. $3. Bank of Appleton. WI10-G6a. Farmer follows one-horse plow. Red protector. Fine, quite scarce. $750

NEWPORT. 1859. Illinois Central Bank. Boatyard and harbor is a beehive of activity. Green underprint. ABNCo imprint. IL610-G2b. Infrequently encountered. Fine. $600

GRIGGSVILLE. 1858. $3 The Bank of Pike County. Washington at left. Large red "3" at center. IL355-G6a. Very Good, with small hole near signature. $300

STONINGTON. 1862. $10 The Stonington Bank. CT415-G48b. Red "TEN". Score card reads "Whale 2, hunters 0". About Uncirculated, with a horizontal sheet fold. $400

STONINGTON. 1862. $10 The Stonington Bank. CT415-G48b. Red "TEN". Score card reads "Whale 2, hunters 0". Gem Uncirculated. $550

GREAT SALT LAKE CITY 1849 25 cents Valley note. Crisp Uncirculated. Unissued remainder makes this affordable. Price reduced! $100

MEMPHIS. 1854. $50 The Farmers' and Merchants' Bank. Justice watches scales. Red "FIFTY" on back. Garland 658. Crisp Uncirculated, irregular trim at bottom. $275

MEMPHIS. 1854. $100 The Farmers' and Merchants' Bank. Cherub, Dog and Safe at L. Washington at C. Riverboat at R. Red "HUNDRED" on back. Garland 660. Crisp Uncirculated. $350

OMAHA CITY 1857. $1 City of Omaha. Indian riders watch train. Fine, territorial status made clear. $65

OMAHA CITY 1857. $1 City of Omaha. Indian riders watch train. Better than Fine. "NEBRASKA TERRITORY" at top. $75

OMAHA CITY 1857. $1 City of Omaha, "NEBRASKA TERRITORY". Indian riders watch train. Zillions of 'ONE's. Very Fine, very affordable territorial. $100

OMAHA CITY 1857. $3 City of Omaha. Liberty and Justice at L. Indian spear fishes at R. Jillions of 'THREE's. Fine. $85

OMAHA CITY "NEBRASKA TERRITORY" 1857. $3 City of Omaha. Liberty and Justice at L. Indian spear fishes at R. Jillions of 'THREE's. Better than Fine. $95

OMAHA CITY 1857. $3 City of Omaha. Liberty and Justice at L. Indian spear fishes at R. Jillions of 'THREE's. Fine - Very Fine. $100

OMAHA CITY "NEBRASKA TERRITORY" 1857. $3 City of Omaha. Liberty and Justice at L. Indian spear fishes at R. Jillions of 'THREE's. Snappy Very Fine. $125

NEW World Paper Money

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. 100 Trillion Dollars. 2008. Pick 91. RBZ B82. Chiremba balancing rocks/Victoria Falls. WBG slabbed Superb Gem 67 Top. $40

Bank of England. 20 Pounds. 1993-1998, Pick 387a. Famed physicist Michael Faraday. PMG Gem Uncirculated 65EPQ. $325

Da Afghanistan Bank. 10,000 Afghanis. 1993. Pick 63b. DAB B47b. Gateway between minarets. WBG slab Choice Uncirculated 64 Top. $17

National Bank. 50 Kroner. 191978. Pick 50b. Portrait of Mrs Ryberg by Jens Juel. Fish. Uncirculated. $45

National Bank. 100 Kroner. 1979. Pick 51d. Jens Juel. Uncirculated. $50

Central Bank of Ireland. 50 Pounds. 4.4.1977. Pick 68c. Lady Lavery in violet. PMG Choice Very Fine 35. You could pay ten times this for a Gem. $450

Reserve Bank. 10 Dollars. Pick 49b. RBA B17b. World's first Polymer note. Captain Cook, sailing ship/Aboriginee. Uncirculated. $45

Ulster Bank Limited. 5 Pounds. 25.11.2006. Pick 339. George Best Commenorative. Uncirculated. $25

Royal Bank. 1 Pound. 1956-64. Pick 324b. Colorful gold underprint. PMG Choice About Uncirculated 58. $75

NEW Gold Notes

$10 1922 Gold. Speelman-White F1173. Very Fine, this would slab as a "25". $275

$20 1928 Gold. F2402. Fine or better, lots of body. $122

$20 1928 Gold. F2402. Very Fine, speck of rust near portrait. $135

$20 1928 Gold. F2402. Fine. $105

NEW Confederate States of America

$20 September 25, 1861. These avidly collected fabrications evidently surfaced during the early 1900s. Long sealed tear, looks Very Good. $50

NEW Error Notes

$10 Federal Reserve Note. Series 1950. F2010D. Cleveland. Small 2-fold Butterfly. Extremely Fine - About Uncirculated. $75

Added September 5, 2014

NEW Large Size Notes

1890 $1 Rosecrans-Nebeker. F349. Very Fine. Small red seal and entrancing green back. $895

1880 $1 F29. Bruce-Gilfillan. Crisp About Uncirculated. Easy to love these large brown seals. $595

1875 $1 F26. Allison-Wyman. Crisp Uncirculated, borderline Choice because of tight margin at upper right. Fresh and original from a run dispersed a generation ago. $995

1896 $2 Educational. Bruce-Roberts. F248. Strong Very Fine, perfect for a mid-grade type set. $2150

1899 $2 Teehee-Burke. F256. Very Fine, crinkly and crispy! $325

1923 $1 Speelman-White. F237. Very Fine - Extremely Fine, faces up beautifully. $50

1899 $2 Lyons-Roberts. F249. Very Fine, with a speck of foxing. The first of this type. Gets overlooked between the Black Eagle and Chief! $375

1917 $1 F39 Speelman-White Very Fine, perfect for type. $135

1869 F18. $1 "Rainbow". Allison-Spinner. Very Fine. Vibrant blue on this popular Rainbow. $850

1918 $1 DALLAS. F740. Elliott-Burke/Lawder-Van Zandt. Very Fine, rather nice. $195

1914 $10 Blue Seal F911A. NEW YORK. White-Mellon. Extremely Fine, with three distinct vertical fold. The classic "three-fold Unc". $195

1862 $1 F16c. National Bank Note Company twice at bottom. Series 268. Very Fine, with a tiny tear in the left margin that won't scare anyone. $595

1862 $1 F16a. National Bank Note Company twice at bottom. Series 207. Fine for wear with expert repairs that save you big $$. $395

1869 $2 F42. The "Rainbow" deuce. Very Good. This Rainbow deuce did its duty. $375

1914 $5 Blue Seal F877. MINNEAPOLIS. Burke-Glass. Fine, and uncommon. $90

1914 $10 Blue Seal F933. ST LOUIS. Burke-Glass. Very Fine. Very attractive example of this better signature combination. $225

1878 $1 F27. Allison-Gilfillan. Very Fine. This one-year type is offered infrequently in decent circulated grades. $375

1917 $1 F38 Elliott-White. Fine, the scarcest of four signature combinations. $75

1917 $2 Elliott-White. F59. Solid Fine, uniform signs of use on this scarcer signature combination. $95

1907 $5 Pioneer Family. F88. Teehee-Burke. Fine, with uniform signs of circulation. $140

1914 $100 FRN Kansas City. F1120. Burke-McAdoo. Very Fine. Perfect for a mid-grade type set. It's also a seldom-seen signature combination for this district. $895

1923 $1 F40. Speelman-White. High-end Very Fine. Unmolested and quite nice. $340

1923 $1 F40. Speelman-White. Very Fine - Extremely Fine. You'll like it too! $395

1918 $1 BOSTON. F708. Teehee-Burke/Bullen-Morss. Very Fine, looks a grade higher. $195

1918 $1 NEW YORK. F712. Teehee-Burke/Hendricks-Strong. Extremely Fine, quality note. Fresh and original. $225

1918 $1 PHILADELPHIA. F715. Teehee-Burke/Dyer-Passmore. Very Fine - Extremely Fine, three light vertical folds. $210

1918 $1 CLEVELAND. F720. Elliott-Burke/Davis-Fancher. Extremely Fine, would slab as a 40. $260

1918 $1 RICHMOND. Teehee-Burke/Keesee-Seay. F721. Very Fine but faces up a grade better. $240

1918 $1 ATLANTA. F726. Elliott-Burke/Bell-Wellborn. Extremely Fine. Looks even better. $295

1918 $1 CHICAGO. F729. Elliott-Burke/Cramer-McDougal. Very Fine, faces up wonderfully. $175

1918 $1 ST LOUIS. F731. Teehee-Burke/Attebery-Biggs. Very Fine and extremely attractive. $195

1918 $1 MINNEAPOLIS. F736. Elliott-Burke/Cook-Young. Extremely Fine. Super! $395

1918 $1 KANSAS CITY. F739. Elliott-Burke/Helm-Miller. Faces up as Extremely Fine, but more like Very Fine from the back. $225

1918 $1 SAN FRANCISCO. Teehee-Burke/Clerk-Lynch. F743. Very Fine - Extremely Fine, faces up even nicer. $240

1923 $5 Lincoln "Porthole". F282. Very Fine, with a faint smear of ink at the upper left corner. $1795

1899 $2 Vernon-Treat. F251. Very Fine, perfect for type. $300

1899 $5 Chief Running Antelope F281 Speelman-White. Very Good, solid. Bargain-level Chief. $400

NEW Small Size Notes

$2 1928 F1501 Tate-Mellon. Very Choice Uncirculated, claims to Gem. $185

$1 1928E F1605 Julian-Morgenthau. Fine-Very Fine, nice mid grade example of this key silver. Plenty of crispness remains. $495

$1 1928D F1604 Julian-Woodin. E-B block. Very Fine, perfect for a mid-grade set. $110

$1 1928C F1603 Woods-Woodin. G-B block. Extremely Fine - About Uncirculated. A distinct centerfold is the only real sign of use. $495

$5 1928 F1525. Woods-Mellon. Gem Uncirculated, flaming originality. $195

$5 1928A F1526. Woods-Mills. Very Fine - Extremely Fine, perfect for a high grade set. $60

$2 1928B Woods-Mills. F1503. Very Fine, the key $2 Red Seal at an affordable level. $250

$5 1928B. Cleveland. Woods-Mellon. F1952D. Dark green seal. Choice About Uncirculated. $65

$5 1934 Boston. Julian-Morgenthau. F1956A. Dark seal, mule with BP 1602. Extremely Fine. $40

$20 1934B. Kansas City. F2056J. Julian-Vinson. Scarce series. Very Fine. $50

$5 2001 F1988L. San Francico. Marin-O'Neill. PCGS Superb Gem New 67PPQ. $50

$1 1935A North Africa. F2306. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64 EPQ, from the R-C block. $295

$1 1935F Priest-Anderson F1615. ***STAR*** notes. Three Choice About Uncirculated star notes. One each from the *-D, *-E and *-F blocks. $50

$1 1963. Granahan-Dillon. ***STARS*** Complete set of 12 districts. Choice-Gem Crisp Uncirculated. $175

NEW National Bank Notes

Ch 4318 $20 1929 Type 1. Central NB of CLEVELAND. Fine with serial C001138A. Small size notes on the first title are few and far between. $75

NEW Obsolete Notes

RICHMOND Virginia Treasury Note. Criswell 8. $10 1862. No watermark. PMG Choice Uncirculated 64. $195

NEW World Paper Money

Bielefeld 25 Marks. 7-15-1921. Germania loses crutches, rises again. Printed on silk. Extremely Fine. $20

Bielefeld 50 Marks. 4-9-1922. Colorful! Printed on silk. Extremely Fine. $25

Heidelberg 500 Marks. 9_28_1922. Vine grows over sword. Proof or specimen with all-zero serial number. About Uncirculated. $40

Banky Foiben'i Madagasikara. 1000 Francs. 1983. Pick 68b. BFM B2b. Man playing flute. *** REPLACEMENT*** note, Z/1 prefix. Uncirculated. $100

Banky Foiben'i Madagasikara. 500 Francs. 1983. Pick 67b. BFM B1b. Boy with fish/Port Toamasina. Uncirculated. $20

Central Bank of Swaziland. 2 Emalangeni. 1984. Pick 8b. CBS B3b. ***REPLACEMENT*** note, Z prefix Uncirculated. $75

Central Bank of Swaziland. 10 Emalangeni. 1981. Pick 6a. CBS B1a. Diamond Jubilee of King Sobhuza II. Uncirculated. $350

Central Bank of Swaziland. 20 Emalangeni. 1985. Pick 11b. CBS B6b. ***REPLACEMENT*** note, Z prefix. Uncirculated. $200

Central Bank of Swaziland. 5 Emalangeni. 1982. Pick 9a. CBS B4a. King Sobhuza II/Mantenga Falls. Signature 1. Uncirculated. $75

NEW Gold Notes

$10 1928 Gold. F2400. Fine-Very Fine, quite acceptable. $120

$20 1906 Gold Note F1186. Teehee-Burke. PMG Very Fine 20. $240

NEW Confederate States of America

T63 50¢ April 6, 1863. Jeff Davis. Crisp Uncirculated, nicely margined. $75

T42 $2 South Strikes Union. Nice Fine. Serial 34686. $85

T16 $50 September 2, 1861. Jefferson Davis. Fine, a delightful note that is priced right. Serial 28720. $350

NEW Colonial Currency

$1/2 CC-21. About Uncirculated with Coale signature. A speck of foxing but mighty nice for this popular "Fugio" type. $1295

$35. Choice About Uncirculated, with embossing of the nature print still punched boldly. Signatures of Cox and Donnell. $1000

$80. W(illiam) Gray/Lyon signatures. PCGS About New 50. Serial 74155. $895

NEW Error Notes

? ????. Technically, not an error and even more technically not a note. BUT! A pack of these showed up at the Memphis Paper Money Show in 2007. Research determined that they were produced to test the C.O.P.E. machinery. They consist of serial numbers, in gray ink, printed on note size paper. PCGS Gem New 65PPQ. $695

$1 1935E Silver Certificate. Top-to-bottom gutter. Striking! Fine - Very Fine. $75

$20 1995 FRN. Richmond. Complete offset, face on back. Crisp Uncirculated. $135

$20 1977 FRN. Chicago. Complete bold offset, face on back. Extremely Fine. $120

$10 1985 FRN. Cleveland. Complete offset, face on back. Choice Uncirculated. $135

$10 1988A FRN. Chicago. Partial offset, back on face. Choice Uncirculated. $65

$5 1995. Richmond. "Almost" Missing third print. The green seal is missing and all but two digits of the serial numbers. Choice Uncirculated. $295

NEW Fancy Serials & Autographed Notes

$1 2003A. F1931F. Cabral-Snow. Atlanta district. SERIAL F55555527A. Gem Uncirculated. $15

$1 2003A. F1931K. Cabral-Snow. Dallas district. SERIAL K44444427A. Gem Uncirculated. $15