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Our selection of over 12,000 United States and World Bank Notes features color images of the faces and backs of the notes offered for sale.

As a member of the Professional Currency Dealers Association I guarantee your satisfaction.

Our list of New Purchases is updated two or three times each month.

The $500 Confederate note ("T64") is a favorite with collectors. Its red
tints range from a dull pink to a deep red. Our featured note shows what the
earliest printings of these notes looked like.

It sports serial number 240 and has a vivid pink tint.

We have the new colorized $100 notes in stock, both regular issues, stars and uncut sheets. Series 2013 deliveries with Rios-Lew signatures have begun, both regular and star.

In January 2015 the BEP began delivering "Single Note Inspection" (SNI) process notes. This process identifies and reclaims notes from otherwise defective/unsuitable sheets. These notes are packaged differently and are not consecutively numbered. reports Washington DC produced notes (2009A) are showing up on ebay, presumably via SNI. I have seen (March 2015) DC produced notes from the New York and Chicago districts. Maybe Series 2009 will follow??

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  • To paraphrase Aaron Feldman, "Buy the book, then the note". We offer quality additions to your numismatic library. A good reference illuminates and inspires!

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